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Press Seal Bags: eliminate the need to seal the bags with a heat sealer or tape

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Chungs Plastic Bags provides manufacture, wholesale & supply of the following products:
  • Plastic Film Products – custom made plastic products, plastic Lay flat tube, single sheet, centrefold, mailing out film, bundle shrink film, bundle shrink sheet, polypropylene over wrap, fabric wraps, stretch wrap, pallet bags & pallet caps
  • Plastic Bags – custom made plastic bags, poly bags, polyethylene bags, LDPE & HDPE bags, LDPE stock bags, LDPE resealable bags, press seal bags, peel and seal tape bags, resealable bags with headers, coloured plastic bags, vacuum seal bags, wicketed bags, printed promotional plastic bags, die-cut handle bags, retail boutique bags, shopping bags
  • Heavy Duty and Bulk Liners – heavy duty, bulk liners, drum liners, colour bulk liners, industrial bin liners, industrial bin liners, pallecon liners, plain plastic drum and carton liners, carton liners
  • Printed plastic bags – plastics printing, printed plastic bags, coloured printed Bags, retail boutique bags, printed BOPP flow wrap
  • Perforation and die-cut bags – plastic bags with perforation and header seals, die-cut handle bags, perforation bags, hangsell bags, peel and seal tape bags, resealable bags with headers
  • Food packaging bags – bread bags, produce rolls, pizza, pastizzi, nuts, spices, powders, lentils, bulk liners, batching bags, sampling bags, syrup bags, vegetable bags
  • Bags with other purposes – machinery component plastic bags, courier bags, ducting bags, fabric wrap, garment bags, fish/aquarium bags, mining soil sample bags
  • Hazardous Bags – asbestos disposal bags, hazardous waste bags
Our products are ISO 9001 compliant.